100 video game room design ideas

100 video game room design ideas 20

Have you been thinking of finishing your basement? If so, you know you have multiple different paths you could take. You can go with the typical room, with areas for living space and television. You could choose to add a bar to the area as well. You could add another bedroom and bathroom. You could even turn it into storage. The opportunities for this space are endless. But have you ever considered a home theater and/or game room?
Adding a home theater and or game room to your basement could bring you endless joy. Just think of the family nights spent together right in your own home. Having a movie night in your basement instead of going to the theater. Hey with prices of movie tickets continuously rising soon enough it will be cheaper to have your own theater than to go to one.
What about a game room? You’d not only be the coolest parent around, but you could rest assured knowing your child is safe because he’s in your basement playing instead of out wandering the streets.
The point is there are multiple things you could do with that unfinished space. But do you really need another living room to go with the two upstairs when only one of them is ever used anyway? Make the right choice when it comes to redesigning that space, and build something that will not only bring your family endless joy, but will increase the value of your home as well.