Acrylic Nails in Quick Easy Steps

Acrylic nails in quick easy steps 20

We all want to achieve the perfect manicure. Shapely nails on beautiful fingers are classy and pretty. As much as we would like to all achieve the same look, not everyone is blessed with long beautiful nails. Not to mention the household chores we have to do and the work we are in! Some people are also naturally clumsy with their nail polish; they avail of the perfect manicure at a posh salon, but minutes after, the polish starts to chip and smudge. Thankfully, we have an option in acrylic nails!
Acrylic nails have been a celebrity favorite for the past few years. These artificial nails can be in any length, shape, and color! You can opt to maintain a classic look with basic shades, or try to be a little more unconventional with exquisite patterns, prints, and funky designs!
These acrylic nails are glued on to your real nails so that you will not have to deal with smudges or nail breakage. Some women prefer acrylic nails over the standard nail polish because it removes the hassle of having to grow their nails longer. They can just opt to keep their nails short and trimmed, and then magically transform it into long shapely, and beautiful hands through these acrylics. You can also choose to wear acrylic nails to formal events.
Did you know that you could do your acrylic nails on your own? If you want to achieve perfect nails but you are still on a tight budget, you do not need to spend on expensive salons and nail spas. Here is how you can achieve that perfect look.
• Remove old polish. Before you apply the acrylic nails, make sure that you can clean your nails thoroughly and remove old polish. It is always better for you to keep your nails trimmed short. Some beauty experts recommend that you try to rough up your nails so that the glue will stick longer, but it is not necessary as long as your nails are dry and free from polish.
• Apply nail glue. It is time to glue on your acrylic nails! There may be some acrylic nail sets that will not match the exact shape of your tips. All you need to do is file them.
• Perfect the shape. You can choose to trim the acrylic nails for a more natural look. It can be as long or as short as you want. Busier women may need to keep the nails a little shorter to prevent it from snagging or early breakage.
• Oops! If you have made a mistake in applying the acrylics, you do not have to worry. Just dip the nail in a special nail soak solution and you can just simply redo it.
• Choose the color! Once you can apply the acrylics, it is time to choose the best color and style for your tips. Just let it dry for a few minutes and you are ready to go!
Acrylic nails are easy to maintain and can last for several weeks, even longer than the average nail polish. With these simple tips, you can achieve beautiful nails that will complete your overall look!