Great Ideas On Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Great ideas on mismatched bridesmaid dresses 33

Unlike before when all the bridesmaids wore the same type of dresses, this is no longer the case-bridesmaids now wear mismatching dresses and still look elegant. If you feel that your bridesmaids should wear mismatching outfits, here are ideas on how to show the variation:


Here your bridesmaids wear dresses of the same color, but of different styles. For example, you can have one lady wear an A-line outfit, another wears a pencil, and another wears an empire outfit. The good side with varying the style of the outfit is that you give every lady the freedom to choose the outfit that flatters her body type. The option also reduces stress as you don’t have to worry about wearing an outfit that you feel uncomfortable in.

Complementary Colors

Here you should pick a different dress for each bridesmaid. While the outfits should be different, you should ensure that they are of complementary colors. You can also go for outfits that have various shades of the same color. For example, you can go with an outfit that is cream and another that is grey. You can also go with pleated outfits that are of the same style, but of different colors.

Go Rainbow

This is a lovely and vibrant option where your bridesmaids wear outfits that have the rainbow colors. The bridesmaids should wear outfits that have these colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet. For a perfect look, you should ensure that the bridesmaids wear matching shoes and bouquets.

Plain Neutral Dresses

If the rainbow look is too intense for you, you should consider going for the plain neutral look. This is where you choose a specific plain dress such as black and ensure that all the bridesmaids wear the same outfit. To create variation, the ladies should wear mismatched colorful shoes. They should also have multicolored bouquets.

Other Alternatives

If none of the above ideas is appealing to you, you should consider these alternatives:

Hair: here you should have your bridesmaids wear different hairstyles. For a perfect look, ensure that each lady wears a hairstyle that compliments her look. You can also ask the ladies to wear different hair accessories.

Different necklines: Another alternative is to have all the bridesmaids wear the same outfit, but with different necklines. The cool thing is that many designers offer this option; therefore, if you feel that it’s the right one for you, you will easily find it.