Hair Color That Many Men Want

Hair color that many men want 32

Many men develop abundant body hair on the chest and back areas. Although short curly hair on the legs and arms look natural, some guys may prefer to remove them all because of their professions, such as working as a model or as a swimmer. Surprisingly, many men have experienced waxing or shaving to remove unwanted body hair, but the most preferred method among them is still laser hair removal, whose effects last longer and are less painful than waxing.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Commonly, women use laser treatments to remove unwanted body hair from the armpits, legs, and genital areas. They often visit their favored dermatologists for this procedure. However, a laser hair removal treatment for men is an infrequent procedure, but it’s also quicker to perform because the target areas, like the back and chest, are wider. According to skincare specialists, the procedure probably finishes up 75% faster than treatments on the legs and arms.

Most men naturally have darker and coarser hair, which is the right type of hair growth for laser hair removal. Men with fairer skin, of course, are more acceptable candidates for the procedure than men with darker skin color. Light hair colors, such as blonde, red, or grey, won’t respond well to a laser procedure and may need a different removal method. Besides, men with very sensitive skin may have to resort to other techniques besides laser removal.

Frequency of Treatments and Possible Side Effects

Most areas of the body require three to six treatments, depending on the hair growth. Facial hair may require sessions set every 4 to 6 weeks. Meanwhile, body hair removals maybe schedule every six to twelve weeks. These recommendations take into account the different rates that hair grows in different areas of the body. Hair grows through three stages in a cycle and the variation in laser treatment schedules makes sure it catches the hair growths at different phases.

Although women have reported some side effects regarding laser hair removal, men may also experience similar issues, such as redness and a stinging sensation after treatment. Clients who underwent facial peeling within the first week or laser resurfacing within the last six months are warned not to undergo laser hair removal procedures. Also, people who use antibiotics with tetracycline or tranquilizers may experience unnatural sensitivity towards intense pulsed light and other laser treatments. The patient’s suitability for laser hair removal depends on his medical history, including current medical conditions.